The worship of lies.

The longing of the ego’s martyrdom

Comprehension is dependant on your brutal devotion to Truth.

What you arrive to understand,
Is dependant on your level of commitment to truth,
How far you’re willing to challenge your ego,
Your own beliefs in search for the ultimate reality.
Those in search of its brutality will arrive.

The domain will expel cowards,
Only those willing to be carved by the sword of Truth,
Can revel in its plenitude.
Tis a fierce environment,
Though thoroughly rewarding,
Only sages spring forth.

The truth doesn’t hurt, that’s a liars perspective.
The truth murders you and leaves behind your corpse for proof.
The ‘you’ we are referring to is your innermost core, the cellular erratics that cannot sit still, and buzz with a fever for martyrdom at the alter of truth.

Your perspective of it matters naught,
Your preparedness to die, does.


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