Lies about truth


‘The truth shall set you free’ is a lie.

The truth will captivate you and
hold you hostage to its majesty,
you won’t ever want to leave.

For the sincerely truthful, that is, for the brutally honest, the truth is not something that grants you freedom. It chains you at the pillar of unnerving bravery and courage. With chivalry you will stand, with honour you will die, if you only just live with truth.

Truth of excavating your soul, mining deep within it’s uncertainties and swimming in the ocean of ‘I don’t know’, but being sincere enough to dry yourself with the sand of ‘I believe’, when the trinket of gold, the diamond or the pearl falls into your hand.

More importantly having internal eyes that can see it even amongst the dirt, the rubble or the foam.

We lie to ourselves confusing being honest with trivial daily dealings as being the definition of truth.

Steal my money, tell me I’m beautiful when I am grotesque to look at, tell me my words are poetic, when they are pathetic, lie to my face as much as you please over all things mundane, but don’t lie to me about truth. That, my ears don’t need to be trained for, my soul will filter you out with ease.


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