Introversion – twenty six


Withdrawal is to remove yourself from a crowd of people.
A play of words, to suit my needs perhaps,
I will not only be withdrawing,
I will be drawing within, withindrawal perhaps.
This year I have decided to paint my insides,
Line it with sculptures,
Decorate it with crafts,
And tattoo more words, prose, poetry.
Boil the cauldron pot of reflection,
Introspection and inner manifestation,
Set ablaze my house of material,
Let it’s ashes scatter to the east winds,
Carry it, and me to my ancestors graves,
Desert sands
Barren lands
Empty, dry hands
Faces tanned
The winds whistle carrying His command
Hearts on demand
Without reprimand
Like children we tread
Like men we stand
Naked, barren in front of The Grand
We understand, through light
Through threads, through strands
I’ve tasted plenitude,
It’s flavour is bland,
That abandoned world
That wasteland,
Will be my years destination
As I turn further inward
Away from all man.



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