Give her a spine

mongol2-Picture from the insanely beautiful movie, Mongol

Of what use am I as a husband,
if all she becomes is a pin board for compliments,
a fisherman’s net for catching my lies,
a canvas to paint her with strokes of lust,
or a writers pad of architectured prose?

Men have lost their way.
They’ve allowed the dictates of society to force upon them an inferior model of behaviour towards their wives, towards women in general, towards themselves.

Father does not even bother to teach his son, mother bares no responsibility, the education ‘system’ was never about educating and societies members? Too self absorbed and cowardly to correct an ill.

Men have strange ideas about behaviour towards women. If it is not at one extreme it is at the other. Either they have fallen victim to the sway of pop media and culture and feel they have to rise to this shallow and empty love rhetoric, prancing around women in an undignified way, trying to be as effeminate as possible to nurture their femininity, ironically whilst she takes on more masculine traits, or they go to the other extreme and act like complete savage, patriarchal brutes. Either one is structured around the model of worship, idolatry to be exact.

Either he is worshipping her, enslaving his mind and soul to her fetishes or she is worshipping him, submissive to his every whim and desire. He either finds new thumb tacks of door mat, down trodden style behaviour, laden with idol-worship compliments pinning it all over her, or he unmercifully beats her down with his inhumanity.

The balance is away from both of these extremes, it is in nurturing her not as an object of worship, but as a human being in need of growth. If you can’t teach your wife (or husband for that matter) something new every day, something to benefit them, grow them, nurture them, improve them and make them better human beings, then you have no business being in the sanctity of marriage. You’re wasting both your time and your children will also gain no benefit from you.

Your ultimate love is not as the short piece above mentions, in pretty words, or gestures. It is in your ability to create beautiful human beings. Your children wont stand a chance if you don’t nurture and improve one another.

My job as a husband and the way to show her love is by making her a better person than I am, better than when I met her and her to me, not to adorn her with temporary accessories she can discard when she feels like or demand more of, never truly offering her a measure of contentment.


4 thoughts on “Give her a spine”

    1. It’s really that simple though. Do I want my so or daughter to be the source of anguish, regret and or discord? No, I don’t want my wife to be that to me or society so why should I allow my so to grow as a brat so that all he gains is age, with no personality or no character. People think putting food and clothes on a child’s back amounts to parenting, or unrequited love is by default. I’m against that. They have to be upright and decent human beings in every aspect of the word


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