How to secure a sure thing!

death is awaiting

The answer is FOCUS – All you have to do is focus.

You sit there like a love scientist, measuring and calculating,

Reflecting and pondering,

Remembering and wondering,

Why couldn’t you secure that sure thing,

Why didn’t he slip me that ring,

Or why didn’t she write vows to sing.

If I may lower myself and use in this piece the word ‘darling’,

Your foresight is screwed, you need to stop prattling,

You’re drinking from the wrong wellspring,

Got your eyes focussed on the wrong thing,

You’re not toeing the line, you’re walking the string,

Attached to temporary, worshipping the cling,

Of temporary, of impermanent, wayward passing’s,

Betting on worldly love, not knowing what it will bring,

When all along, death is waiting,

Perpetual, patiently to take you under it’s wing.

So go ahead, have your flings,

When you’re done with love, death is a sure thing.


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