How to live


If you want to live
Prepare a life you’re ready to lose

What more is life but the breath you exhale?
So if you’re going to exhale let it be with a fierceness of bravery to send quivers into the sinew of your oppressor.

What is it more than being able to straighten your back with a morsel?
So if you’re going to eat, eat enough to stop the noise in your stomach.

What is it except leaving this earth in a better state than you came to it in?
So if you’re going to walk it, tread lightly and be gentle with her.

What is it except utter expressions of love?
If you’re going to love, burn her with your flame until she has no choice but to circumambulate around you

What is it except perpetual establishment of peace?
If you’re going to fight, make love and peace your entirety so when it is time to stop, you can love and help your opponent.

What is life but a preparation for death?
If you’re going to live, prepare your soul for death, so when it’s throes come to you, you are not surprised, not afraid, and welcome marriage to the ever after.



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