For all that you want


If you want peace, find a man of war,
If you want perfection, find a woman with flaws,
If you want love, find someone who’s lost it all,
If you want wealth, find a someone who’s willing to fall.

If you want culture, share a plate or two,
If you want fulfilment, a meal a week will do,
If you want contentment, let go of the idea of you,
If you want salvation, be honest, be true.

If you want poetry, call on pain,
If you want gnosis, prepare to go insane,
If you want sunshine, first welcome the rain,
If you want complexity, learn how to be plain.

If you want intelligence, learn to say I don’t know,
If you want wisdom, over your shoulder, ego to throw,
If you want eloquence, select carefully your words to sew,
If you want to be heard, learn with silent waves to flow.


If you’re not getting what you want, you’re looking in the wrong places
You’re turning to pop culture, and celebrity faces
You’ll never find that satiates your heart in all those spaces
Instead look to discomfort’s encompassing embraces.


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