Weird – coward language


The cowards word for ‘I can’t do that’.

If we do anything outside of the norm nowadays, there is a label for us.
The pseudo-sciences of psychology and psychiatry have taken care of creating categories and stigmas that dribble down into society’s every day nomenclature.
It’s a top down infrastructure.

If we don’t conform, we’re not the norm, we’re the different ones.
The different ones that make everyone uncomfortable with their normality.

Rather than step up and shift out of their auto-pilot, blind drowning in the monotonous, drone like regurgitation of blandness, they gather, in true definition of the words ‘mob mentality’ to use what little expressive aptitude they have, they have collectively agreed to label us…….


That is the start, the spark, the trigger pull to thrust forward and leverage us to the outskirts of non-acceptance.

Once we are there, the finger pointing is so much easier with a wave of supporters behind them.

It’s easier to feed their discomfort with hate and ridicule towards us from there, but we look in from the outside and feel empathy towards them, not pity. We hope they can join us, because we are not weird, we represent all that has occurred, can occur and will occur, past, present and future. We’re the ones willing to risk it all and be labelled in order to achieve art, music, peace, culture, love…….

to achieve, period!

Know well, we have a label for you too.

We call you cowards.


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