Darkness is not an art

darkness is not an art

Darkness is not an art,
It is a dwelling of the inter-space
of worlds apart.

It is not a black veil,
It is a cutting of masts and
setting souls ship to sail.

It is not in black mascara,
It is finding shade
even in the Sahara.

Of light you have to master,
If you wish to live
in darkness ever after.

There is beauty in light, there is beauty in darkness, but the naivety of those who believe what they see and hear, of poetry and prose perpetuated through a dark medium of haunting, as if to relish the idea of a Gothic like commercialism is a shade of dark lower than that of demons. Darkness is not commercial, it is not material you can buy.
It is not art you can sell.
Those who dwell there would consume you whole, and you’d never know who they are.
Those who wear it as if it were a piece of jewellery to lure the eyes of the superficially attracted, are nothing short of hucksters.

Light, is a far better dwelling place. Since when was light so ‘uncool’ and darkness the Fonz?


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