The Elixir 14 – Self discovery, Self mockery

I once wrote:

‘Searching for ones’ self is the biggest lie concocted to sever one from searching for God.’

I stand by that maxim and add that not only is it a lie, but it is self mockery, not self discovery.

The concept of self is not something to be proud of. It is an abasing thing, it is a thing that commands and demands, it is envy, hate, greed, anger, laziness, gluttony and so much more. It is a web of entangled negativity that is so compound and deep in origin you wouldn’t even know it was right there staring at you.
This is why the higher echelons of spirituality promote abasing of self, not promoting of self. They teach removal of desires not exalting of them. They teach annihilation of self, not finding and celebrating.

To do the opposite is making a joke of yourself and misunderstanding your humaneness, misunderstanding the very core of who you are meant to be as opposed to who you are.
People who are into self discovery, only find out who they are at the current moment/s. They herald it as some great treasure find.

This is a mockery of the art and science of self. This is a grave injustice and one predators and hucksters sell to you through self help books.

Annihilation of self, is not the same of murdering yourself.
The former, grand and elevating and allows you to live. The later, abased and mocking and you die the rest of your earthly life before the bodily death.


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