My teacher

gods wine

She drank from love’s wine
so that God was on her breath.

In turn, men became intoxicated from her words.
All they had to do was sit in her gathering
And they would stumble home like drunkards
Dizzy with what they had just experienced.

She had a knack for pulling in the wildest of men,
The strongest of them,
The gentlest of them,
The sincerest of them,
The most loving,
And making them love her.
They loved her as a spiritual mother,
Because she showed them love of Him.
She was braver than a thousand men,
And that is why men didn’t fear her,
But admired her, awestruck and rubbled in front of her.
Small in stature, but a Lioness,
Amongst the jungle of impostors.
I was never one for lies,
So I took to her like a moth to a flame.
There she consumed me,
And I was never to return to humanity the same.

May God sanctify your secret and raise your rank in paradise,
Were it not for you, I would have been hunted down by hyenas.


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