is the fuel of mediocrity

If you let yourself get comfortable with the idea that you have attained perfection in anything you do, welcome yourself to the station of mediocrity.

There you will dwell and find comfort in the monotony of mankind in the repetitive satisfaction of complacency.

If you want to rise out of everyday pains of boring and regurgitated normalcy,

Do what makes you uncomfortable and dwell at the unpleasantness of work at the utter extremity.

I once wrote ‘you’ll find it where it hurts most’ referring to the gems of humanity,

And I stand by that conviction that in order to succeed in anything you have to push past the barriers you’ve set for yourself of weak and limiting fragility.

Look for the pain, look for the torture, remain steadfast in your harshest brutality,

Push your thoughts to the edge, to your utmost and sincerest and your life will gain fluidity.

Ability to move, ability to comprehend, ability to know, in general just all out ability,

Unshackle your mind, from complacency’s prison and flee from triviality.


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