Introversion – twenty one



I walk the streets with a frown on my face
But it’s not anger, rather, it’s distaste
I look around and feel so out of place
That’s why I keep people at a measurable pace
I just can’t swallow society with its mediocrity laced
I can’t join in the cyclical rat race
I watch mundaneness foster and take up space
I watch people hold lameness to sweet embrace
I watch sacredness humiliated and disgraced
I watch intimacy stripped and defaced
I watch sincerity fall behind outpaced
I watch humility laughed at and red-faced
And love, nothing more than first base, second base, third base
Humans in general? Numbers in a database
I’m a foreigner feel like an ornament misplaced
Time for me to leave, pack up my suitcase
To go unnoticed and leave un-chased
Leave intact but live with grace.

There is a difference with being alone and loneliness. Although I revel in being alone, the loneliness ensues when I take a look around and really feel out of place in otherwise normal gatherings. A simple act like going to a cafe or going to the beach and I can get overwhelmed from all the stimuli. Noises, sounds, people, conversations, objects, movement, weather, environment, fragrances and more, all come alive and poke at my senses with vigour, invoking internal dialogue and analysis and the oft repeated pattern of words above ensues.


5 thoughts on “Introversion – twenty one”

      1. It was literally how I felt two days ago…. On the beach, looking around me…. I felt like I was invisible and was in another world. Like as if I’d been asleep, unaware of it all until that moment. I kept thinking to myself I wanted to run away back to familiarity.

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