Find your soul in mountains


Mountains were not made to climb,
Anyone with two legs can do that,
Mountains were made for your inner voice to find,
That’s where the heart of matters is at.
Whether you want to hear the echo out loud,
Standing on it’s peak,
Or you want to avoid all the crowds,
And in a cave, secretly to your soul speak.

The secret of mountains has long been documented.
There is an understood law that men and women of gnosis retreat to the mountains.

We’re not talking about thrill seekers and adventurism. That’s adrenaline and chasing a false high that dissipates as soon as you come down leaving you like a crack junkie waiting for your next hit.
Rather, men and women of substance use the mountain for refinement of inner workings.

It’s no wonder Moses spoke to God on Mount Sinai, no wonder Muhammad received revelation in cave Hira on a mountain, and why Jesus gave the central tenets of Christendom in the ‘Sermon on the mount’.

It is why Buddhists retreat to monasteries on mountain tops.
Therein, these men and women do not get high on food, adrenaline or drugs.
They are high on inner workings and finding out exactly who they are with their whole being purified, ego removed, hearts polished and the simplest of matters become enlightening.

Everything they see, touch, hear, taste and smell becomes a manifestation of divine reality and wakes up their minds to ecstasy. The simple task of walking is a high, the task of talking is a high, the task of praying is a high and the task of drinking a cup of tea…….is a high.

Ask yourself, what are the superficial highs you are chasing and when are you going to search for the deeper ones? When are you going to refine your soul so that staring at blades of grass in the wind gushes is enough to keep you mesmerised and……high.



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