Majority Minority


They want to call us minorities,
Refer to us as inferiorities,
Little do they know we’re the majority,
But their media spin keeps down playing priorities,
That is, brown people are the larger quantities,
And from our ancestors come all of humanity,
And civilisations achievement and grand qualities,
You know, the stuff you stole along with our property,
The images you forged with lies and robbery,
The natives you tortured and ruined corrobories,
Attempts to teach at schools, false histories,
All for money and false economy,
Robbing lands of resource and all its treasuries,
Because you know of humans we are the epitome,
Why else would you lie and drop bombs on us as if we’re enemys,
Make handshake deals with those devils in Saudi,
‘Thou shall not murder’, said Deuteronomy,
But you’re not men of God, you won’t hear His plea,
You won’t sit and learn with humility,
Absorb from the sacred knowledge tree,
In your own mind, unshackle your enslavement, be free,
To finally wake up and notice,
We’re the majority in the you and Me,
But we’re happy to coexist, if only you’d see.


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