Introversion – nineteen



Introvert in progress

I really want to get these t-shirts made up now.

We all need that space, some more than others. I think if anything, this can serve a friendly reminder to people as you walk past that we’re not all the same, we’re not all socialites and loud, we’re not all ready with buzzing energy in open surroundings and we’re not all ready to work in open cubicle offices. Some of us flourish with a little quiet and privacy.

I will use myself as an example.
One position I held in the past saw me control a large national company which quickly became the leader in it’s field from a single laptop.

I was able to creatively think up of multi-layered software that interfaced with all facets of the business and have one program control inventory, dispatch, warehousing, allocation, shrinkage, pricing, tax and more. A job that would normally require six to seven people was handled by one person, one pc.
I could only reach that level because I was afforded autonomy, peace, quiet and my own space. The owner of the company believed in me, gave me an environment conducive to my being able to exert maximum effort.

People can do wonderful things, from both sides of the spectrum if you let them revel in their preferred space, whether they be extroverts or introverts but let’s not forget the quieter ones in favour of those who just happen to make more noise.

So who wants a shirt?


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