Nightwriter – 28

nightwrighter series 28

The intimacy of Leila (the night)
Is that she makes you, your own drug.

It’s not hard to be light in her presence. That’s how she elevates you.
Whilst you bathe in her presence, finding your grace, little do you know she has taken all the darkness of the world, she has silenced being, she has quietened dreary souls so that she can assist the callers, the un-settlers, the displeased, the warriors of their souls, the desperate and despaired, she has taken them all into her fold and given them the ability to shine, provided the setting so The Lord can descend to the lowest heaven and say to his Angels,

‘Who is calling on Me, so that I may answer their call.’

And you carry on, obsessed with the night, your prayers answered, souls burden lifted, a lighter being and you’re not even aware of who you were calling on.


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