On Progress



If you want to separate from the flock, do so, but don’t complain when wolves come out to attack you.

You’ll have to fend for yourself, bite down and gnash your teeth.
Be unafraid of being torn, beaten and bruised, no you’ll call upon it in full comprehension that this is what you need.

You’re sensitive by nature so you welcome the blows, it helps you feel, and we need to feel or we die. We need to know or we implode searching for the answers.

The separation from flock gives you a much more serene environment to question and search within you. To find that thing that eats at you, carves away at you and when you find it, bite it by the K9’s, and chew. Chew at it and jaw lock like a pit-bull until it separates from you and spit it out. Granted, there will be others that will chew at you along the way, especially when they see you’re on your own. Let them bite, let them take of you what they want if it satiates their greed, they don’t know how to look within, so they look with-out.

The life of a loner, of solitude is glorification of alone,
Kingdom of your own,
No one, but you and your throne,
An understanding that when you return home,
No one but yourself will be accountable for the life you have sewn.


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