Unblameworthy wails


We wail, we wail,
Our souls are frail.
We wail, we wail,
Down trodden spirits to sail.
The only time when our wailing,
Is not our failing,
Not our sinning,
But our singing,
Our clinging,
To Him,
From the beginning.
We wail but our eyes are dry,
We wail and our bodies lie,
We wail with nothing to hide,
We wail and in You confide,
Hold us naught to account,
For we wail only on the inside.


Dear Lord,
We do not despair Your lot to us, be it You take the souls of all our brethren, we accept Your wisdom in doing so.

We wail for our own condition, only You and I know.

I present to the world as one thing but the pits of me are only Your secret.

Thank you for creating this inner theatre for my orchestra to sing,
For it to call upon you and bells to ring,
To enchant my organs with poetry and verse,
To remove my woes and lift my curse.


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