The Epitaph of me

Dear grave visitor,

Take this advice so you can race ahead and get to the point.
There is a point. Don’t let anyone fool you.

When  depression overwhelmed me and the ego became loud, I silenced it with a spear. At the same time the body waned and became weak.

The mind expanded and my intellect became too wise for itself and I grew tired of using it, so I wrote it’s obituary before it’s death and retired it by depriving it of nourishment.
No longer did my tongue prattle nor did people debate me.

The heart shall be my new governor, I thought. Ironically I only had this thought when the heart began to be inspired.

Alas the jealousy of the soul came running with a torch laden with fire and burned my heart to a crisp.

The soul said, “May you all rest in peace, I am the only one that will travel back to Your Lord”.
Then there was no more depression, only expansion.

So just as your heart depresses and expands, so too does your soul, your mind, your body and every living cell in you.

Everything is a state of depression and expansion.

Know that God says “Verily with hardship comes ease, verily with hardship comes ease”, and He is known by the two majestic names of ‘The Expander, The Constrictor’. Hardship is depression, ease is expansion. Your every affair is in the grasp of His hand.
Give thanks for all, and write your epitaph now.


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