The Elixir 8 – Realisation Annihilation

Even though this elixir series is only being penned now, I believe the stew was warming from a long time ago.

About thirteen years ago, after studying the habits of many masters, sages and gnostics, I noticed that they had one thing in common.
So I penned this as my signature in my online banter as a reflection of who/what I wanted to emulate:

True Realisation
Is In Annihilation


She keeps them waiting, distils her thoughts. Like she was extracting a pheromone. An apt metaphor for the lure she commands.
One line of hers and your eyes are burned, your mind obliterated and your soul evaporated.
She bends words and supine’s them with an archers accuracy. Her aim is beyond the physical eyes perspective, heart and soul are still units of measure. She aims at the ethereal, she aims at nothingness, stillness, silence; the vastness of eternal suffering that shrouds joy.

Her scope is fixated there and all we can do is wait with abated breath for her arrow to find home. When it does, everyone will reach realisation, everyone will reach annihilation.


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