What’s normal mean any more?


Don’t believe the hype.

‘Normal’ is just a comfort word.


Sooooo…. I just spent the last hour reading through a self confessed sociopath’s blog.  Funny thing is,  I enjoyed it a lot more than supposed ‘normal’  peoples blogs.

Here’s the conundrum. Have we been that toned down and numbed to the point of complete insensitivity and mindlessness that we now normalise our drone like behaviour to the point where anything that might resemble a little ripple in our otherwise lifeless ponds is considered abnormal?

Do you know what happens to stagnant water?

It becomes impure. You can’t drink it, you can’t purify yourself with it.

Stagnant bodies become weak and sickly. Unable to self heal.

I think stagnant minds are worse.

You should feel ashamed if you don’t push your mind to the brink of madness, hell go mad,  even better, if there is such a limit…. if there is such a limit.

I’ve written about supposed mental illnesses as ordained by the predatory elite that is the REAL evil of psychiatry.

Their concoctions are illusions, manipulations of words sold hook, line and sinker to limit the brilliance of human achievement.

There are notables in history that we would have limited our privilege had we not had them around or had they believed the hype and thought that they were abnormal.

Think of any artist, musician, poet, writer, inventor, ruler or leader and you will find repeatable patterns; ‘normal’ people thought they were mad. Give me the violence of a raging river or turbulent sea and keep your ponds. Fuck Normal!


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