The Elixir 7 – Ambition; Love



Is that such a bad thing?
Who says it must be a job description?
Following on from the previous post about introversion (read here)

Son, when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up,
Tell them you want to be love, or hate, or greed or envy if you must.

I won’t hold you to account, there’s a higher power, that’s His job,
My job is only to show you trust.

But, hear me out for a minute, I’m not going to burden you for long,
You see job descriptions are boring, trust me you’d much rather love’s song.

If you make love your ambition, it will guide you to whatever fields to sew,
It will cause you to drop everything and into the fire of love your body to throw.

You can use love as a tool, as a weapon or as inspiration,
Whichever field you choose, you’ll only be limited by your imagination.

There’s not a thing you can’t do, a stone you can’t turn or soul you can’t move,
There won’t be a patch you can’t mend, mind to heal or heart to sooth.

It will halt your breath, cease your pulse and cause you to skip a beat,
Just trust me on this one, settle your affairs and let love be your seat.


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