Introversion – twelve



You taunt me to come out of my shell and  join the parade,
Pull away from my book, my mind, to the world of masquerades.

I struggle, you see, I haven’t yet mastered the art of lies,
I can’t remove my filters, serenade your discomfort and look into your eyes.

I can’t join the circus, disturbing is the cacophony of noise,
I can’t listen to it, believe it, and remain with poise.

Inevitably, I chime in, into the conversation I’ll dive,
But your world is shallow, I’m afraid of drowning in your blithe.

That’s the tragedy, the lamb to the slaughter,
We’re all diving heedlessly but their is no water.



It’s not that I can’t be bothered, it’s because I am afraid of hitting my head at the bottom of the shallow pool of a world you live in.

I’d engage, if you could for once talk about something of substance.
I don’t want to meet God with a shopping list, a bargain bonanza nor a scroll of ‘he said she said’. The cloth I will be buried in only houses my body.



3 thoughts on “Introversion – twelve”

  1. Super personal question, ou can tell me to fuck off if you want; is your wife introverted as well? Or is she more extroverted? Always interested to hear about what my fellow introverts have found most compatible.

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    1. This is outrageous…. What a preposterous question….. Oh my God you insulted me…. Haha. Hey, I may be introverted but I have super thick skin, I forced myself out of introversion a lot. Did the most extroverted thing you can do as a human being… The most vulnerable, even more than marriage itself, that’s another story. So whilst I do prefer my lone time, I’m developed enough to make am extreme extrovert blush.

      Rest assured your question is not offensive at all. Hmm, when I met my wife I wouldn’t call her an extrovert per se, she doesn’t really exhibit the tendencies. She’s reserved though but she’s a selective socialite. She loves the company of people. Her family and close friends especially but shed one of those people everyone loves and no one can say a bad word about.
      So no, she’s not an introvert but she’s kinda adapted some traits since marrying me. Not that reading is so much an introvert trait only but most introverts do find comfort in books. Prior to marrying me, she didn’t own a single book. Through careful education and communication I wouldn’t stand for that. It’s absolutely necessary I demanded to be attached to books, especially with a family and children. There has to be a foundation at least. Well for me anyway. She agreed. She’s now the owner of a collection and reads often. We also home school all our children not because of anything else other than we feel the school system can not cater completely to a holistic development, be they extroverted or introverted. So she’s gone from strength to strength in that she’s added another dimension to her personality. She can now enjoy her lone time, but has the skills and personality to be the life of the party amongst people. Even strangers leave her beaming ear to ear.
      Have I become more of a socialite because of her? No, I still can’t bring myself to mundane conversations and sit comfortably. If the conversation is stimulating, I’m all in, otherwise give me a corner with a pen and half a page and I’ll revel there.


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