The Selfie




The Selfie:

When a mirror wont do,
You have to ask the world,
What it thinks of


When your own opinion, is not enough
A touch of lipstick, a hint of blush,
Paint those eyes, with mascaras brush
Now you’re ready, hot stuff!

Fire up the camera, strike a pose,
Make sure the light’s right, for a small nose,
Get the butt looking pout, up on your toes,
Pout the lips, bright red rose.

Load it up, on social media,
Wait for the likes, popularity to feed ya,
Soak up the fame babe, you’re a star,
You’ve made it famous, in the selfie bazaar.

Count has stopped at 300, need more likes,
Down comes the shirt, cleavage bare light,
Not too revealing, just a little sight,
Keep them guessing, to hidden delights.

But there’s people out there, that don’t need all that to be shown,
They’ll love you as you are, down to your bones,
They’ll want to make you, their own,
Just leave a little something, for the unknown.


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