Rainbow Whisperer


I know how to lure rainbows out of storms
I know how love, sorrow and despair forms
Bend themselves around your organs and conform
Dig into your loins, twisted entangled thorns.

I know how you struggle to fight off his horns
To defy the status quo and the norms
Keep a semblance of you, laying around to spawn
Back into life where cracks a new morn.

Come then, I’ll hold your hand
Walk you through unfamiliar dessert sands
Prop you up when you can’t answer the command
Show you how, on your own feet to stand.

We’ll lure that rainbow strand by strand
Light up the skies again, ever grand
Colours of the spectrum, combined in bands
Burn your skin to a leather tan.

Burn and burn to a golden glow
No more name, no more heart, no more ego
Then we’ll creep back, ever so slow
Beg at His feet, receive Gods Aloe.

He can mend us, He can sew
Make us human again, with a trumpet blow
Straighten our spines, spirit to grow
He’ll give us that alluding rainbow.


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