The sacrifice of Being


For Me to Be, I had to
allow you to consume
            – my humanity

How do I live free? The price is not something most are willing to pay.

You’ll have to settle for being called crazy. You’ll have to settle for being looked at with disgust.  You’ll have to have have a spine a mind and an attachment to the divine.

Your skin will need to be thick, your bones strong and robust and jaw solid because they will steal years from you, claw at your appearance and try to squander your character with battering rams.

To them you’re mad, sad, a little bad and on most days a nomad.

You can’t have time for broken hearts, they’re for panderists and you don’t want anyone’s sympathy.

They won’t allow your You.
They want their You, so lose your human attributes, become an it, they, them, this, they’re or some other, become anything but who you are and they’ll let you be.

Just don’t be you, because if you are, the pain of them realising that they can’t Be, will gnaw at them until they won’t let you Be either.

Point in all, you have to lose your humanity, seem a little odd, be a label of some sort, dust it off and accept freedom.

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