The Elixir 5 – Human Hue of Man

the elixir5


Hue of Man


What is the colour of your make up?

No, I don’t mean the make up of face paint,
Nor the masquerade of your character taint.

We’re talking about the fibrous stuff,
No decorations, no fluff, just in the rough.

The stuff of your essence, of your core,
The stuff that clothes you when naked, the Alchemists lore.

What’s your colour, what shade are you,
Are you a red, green, perhaps blue?

Or do you go beyond, and are colour blind,
A mist, smoke, invisible vapour to find?

Time for make up removal, clothes stripping, shoes off, skin peeled, muscles unravelled, veins untangled, nerves disconnected, heart tap off, mind on pause and lungs doors closed.

That essence,
that core,
the nucleus that reproduces you over and over,
what is it,
who are you?

What’s your hue?

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