Introversion – eight


Schizophrenia is a man made lie
to convince people who have no inner
life that they are the normal ones.

Must we? Really?
Lie to each other about the void you live with dear psychiatrist?

You sit comfortably with your glasses on the tip of your nose, turtle neck woollens, a leg over the other in an office that smells of retired leather, and books that scream, please read me but are sealed with the glue of dust.

Your pad is in your hand with your Mont Blanc Biro. Your voice as empty as you are, you cannot be any more cliché. You prattle your regurgitated lines, spoken in monotone, seriously, like you just received divine inspiration. Oh you’re an actor! I can sniff you out a mile away.

You live by three letters. D.S.M. You have no life other than prattling the make believe that this book has come to be.  If the D.S.M. says it, then it is true and with the same breath you have a label for people who believe in holy books and follow religion.

No, it is you that is abnormal, carefully constructing a fake life to be able to pretend others that have an inner life are abnormal.

You’ve abused yourself for so long through superficialities that you no longer hear your inner voice, you only hear the voices of approval as you minecraft your life to their acceptances and add to the tally other peoples lives whom you can’t stand being more interesting.

Footnote: I am not kidding, the D.S.M. is one of the most cleverly concocted lies known to our lifetime. Dr Abram Hoffer proved for over forty years that Schizophrenia is not a mental condition, disease or any other label. With nothing more than very high loads of vitamins and minerals, but they don’t make money, don’t sound as exotic and don’t fill the void of peoples lives who have been convinced that they are abnormal and ironically need an equally abnormal treatment method that doesn’t work.

10 thoughts on “Introversion – eight”

  1. When I was in school, an Anthropology major, we learned the history of psychology and psychiatry (horrifying!) and it was learned for what it is, not a hard science like they pretend to be, but a social science. All psychology is is a set of arbitrarily set ‘norms’ by a few. Frightening, really, considering it’s used as a tool to prop up Big Pharma. Dangerous. Theory is all it is.

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    1. Exactly. Fifteen years I’ve been following and studying it. At university I argued tooth and nail with lecturers about this. I rubbished a pop star of the community who has convinced equally daft and empty people that she holds weight above scholars because she read a book on CBT. The delusion that they carry is frightening. The history as you mention is putrid. What they have done to humans is deplorable.

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      1. Exactly, I’ve always thought they were evil, strong to say, I know, but surely what they do in the name of unquestioned ‘expertise’ is evil, especially when it concerns children. They need to be rooted out for practicing pseudo-science and feeding it to the mindless masses who eat it up, and then spread it around like poison.

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      2. Likewise. I think the scientific community, those in the hard sciences know what’s going on, but don’t speak out about it enough. Thank you for writing about it. The subject of it all really turns my stomach, with what I know about it. It was no surprise to me at all when it was found out that psychiatrists were willingly used for torturing inmates at git mo. And now there is all the psy-ops going on. Anyway, writing what I shouldn’t be. Thanks for writing about it. 🙂

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      3. No, write away. I agree. It takes a certain level of hard science practise or comprehension at least to know the treachery that is psychology and psychiatry. That is why freshman with no scientific training buy it hook line and sinker. They can’t tell apart quackery.
        Psyches have always been used in torture. Psyche wards were traditionally and still are training grounds for torture methods. Who in their right mind, which sensible man or woman on earth would ever think a lobotomy could help someone? That alone blows my mind. What on earth was going through their minds? Thing is, nothing has changed, they’ve just altered the method. They can lobotomise you with a pill now.
        It’s no coincidence that the overwhelming majority of school massacres were performed by people who were on psychotropic drugs. It’s no coincidence that the most elite soldiers in world armies are tortured to the brink of destruction with classic methods disguised as training such as water dunking, sleep deprivation, mental, and physical abuse and more. Once destroyed they re-teach them how to ‘soldier’. It’s not normal to kill incessantly so that has to take place

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      4. You really know your stuff. This is all true. I remember our elementary class visiting a psyche ward and it gave me nightmares throughout my childhood. I will never forget it. And I’m glad you brought up the fact about psychotropic drugs and the damage they wreak on society. This is not widely known. If only everyone was so well informed and educated on the subject…


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