Paying the madman

manmans price


Don’t ask the madman his price

It will always be:

‘Everything you got!’


We live at the extremes. See those frayed edges on your jeans? That’s us!

See those weeds growing against all odds, through cracks and crevices? That’s us!

See that deer that takes on the the tiger to protect it’s fawn and wins? That’s us!

We defy logic, natural order, normality and the everyday.

What we pay for our lives is everything we have so when you ask us, what our price is, you insult us.
We give everything we have.
You put a price on things because you never give anything of yourself.

Start by letting go of your loose change, then start letting go of your spending money, then your savings until you let go of everything. Let it all go, pay whatever it takes.
How mad are you?
How bad do you want it?

-W.E. aka the madman

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