Introversion – six

introversion six

Inner peace is a lie

The way of the truth is a

perpetual state of inner war


As per previous post, the way to come to some reconciliation isn’t through the hoax of attainment of inner peace.

That is just a prattling of those who have never arrived but what is worse, don’t know that they haven’t arrived and don’t know that they will never arrive through such misguidance.

You have to constantly be fighting off a vice, an evil, a thought, a grudge, a desire, a bad quality or character trait. He who assumes he has fought them all of is living under absolute delusion. You can never be free from the inner world of reproach.

Ironically constantly being in the state of self account is the freest way to live, it will abase you and remove your want and desire for the mundane. It will busy you with what’s real.

Don’t fall for hucksters. The way is perpetual inner war.

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