Introversion – five

introversion five

Why are you so quiet?

I’m listening


I sometimes get the feeling that people think I am being snobbish. I assure you I think of myself lower than that of the most vile creatures and try my utmost to be as humble as possible but an admittance in humility is lack of humility so I rather remain silent on most matters.

I’d rather listen to the space between your words to measure the breaths you heave, how heavy or light they exhale, to determine your mood.

The rhythm of those breaths to see if they came from your hearts rhythm or an artificial one that you’ve adopted.

The scent of your breath as it determines the fragrance of your soul.

The tone of breath, as it determines how you wish to deliver them to me.

The unsaid things in that space between breaths, between words as your body moves this way or that way, yes your body has a language I listen to.

The intention of that space if it is distancing or drawing closer as I notice your pupils dilation.

Won’t you let me listen or do you want me to talk over you?

Sometimes we don’t listen to others listening enough.

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