Inner peace is a big lie!



If I hear one more person talk about inner peace, I’ll take to his inners with a nuclear warhead! Then we’ll see how much inner peace they have.

You’ve been duped.

All this influx of pseudo gurus talking about achieving inner peace is sickening, its the biggest snake oil hucksterism going around today.

There is no such thing as inner peace….. if you’re a sincere and honest person.

If you’re into lies, deceiving yourself and not owning your mistakes, your faults and vices, then go right ahead, find a guru, a yoga teacher, a ninety page book to master the quality of inner peace and master that quality, tell yourself you’ve made it. Smile with a freshly squeezed kale and celery soy infusion with hemp seed sprinkle and post it on instagram with a ‘You can do it too’ quote wearing your favourite gym wear.

The inner life is a life of war. Perpetual war. Anyone who doesn’t engage in inner war is an incomplete person, a liar, full of faults, hypocritical!

The person who has achieved inner peace is dead.

The person who insists on war and revelling in it is alive and well. When there is war on the inside, there is peace on the outside.

When there is inner peace, the world is suffering.

The problem is, no one wants to take up arms and walk through the war zone.

It’s easier to pretend it doesn’t exist and lay in the fields with daisies.


7 thoughts on “Inner peace is a big lie!”

  1. It’s been big fashion for many years now. Some religions are fashionable, considered to be okay by progressive liberals who wear their expensive yoga clothing and wear their beliefs and beliefs of non-beliefs on their sleeves. It’s all fashion and it’s meant to not disturb the waters, not to make change, to counter those who do want change. It’s meant to pacify the masses, and it’s become a huge movement. I can speak like this because I’ve been a progressive liberal but am now seeing how it works itself. My own is now silencing outside voices like mad wolves, ripping people apart and then donning the yoga clothes and the peace mantras. But I’m not against peace. The movement you speak of worries me, though.

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    1. The peace we want is in our community, our society, our surrounding. We want to BE , without limitation. We cannot BE, without that serenity around us. But for that to exist, we all have to wage that inner war and it has to remain, forever…

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      1. Absolutely, the freedom to be human, to be real. This life after all was never meant to be disney land but is a trial and a test. Life is more accurately like a Hardy novel or say Of Human Bondage or perhaps Tolstoy.

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      2. Tolstoy…. Phoaaww. I’ve always meant to read his work but too busy with our heritages literature. I recently bought his book and the first page blew me away. His writing is outstanding……

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      3. I’ve heard that’s outstanding but I started with the thickest and badest of them all…. Probably because I’ve got a death wish with mountains of books around me only to add this wheel chock of a book on top lol, I’ll let you know what I though in two years

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