Her Fragrance

her fragrance

She wore No5 like Coco wanted her to.

A Mademoiselle amongst the most Alluring.

She took no Chances with other scents.

She was only 19 but,

Pheromone droplets fell off her like  Cristalle.


There is an old Arab saying when referring to the best of the best that goes:

That does not lend it’s worth to any thing.’

It basically means that something stands in a class of it’s own, incomparable to anything and will not come down, almost in a defiant arrogance, a classy arrogance that we nonetheless admire.

This little short piece is because I absolutely adore Chanel fragrances for women. There simply is no comparison. They know what they are doing and have been doing it for a very long time to perfection. Having worked in the perfume industry for a long time in the past, I have also dealt with them as a company and they are meticulously ruthless! Impossible to fault other than there sheer relentlessness to protecting their image through any means possible.
For those that know the fragrances, you’ll get the gist of it.
Until then, smell good!

7 thoughts on “Her Fragrance”

  1. Well this topic is right up my alley ! Lol. Love Chanel fragrances , committed to chance and mademoiselle variations since i was 19 . Though I’ve been exploring others just to see if i can commit to something else for a while … Just to change it up , see what happens .

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      1. That’s ok. Lol. No door was closed .. I don’t know the names , been trying a few custom blends by a perfumer in Dubai.. The rose with musk with oud kind , only a lot more complex than I just described it probably . Lol. I’ll ask next time I go .. I just kind of pick a few blends and try them out 😊

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      2. Oud….. I love. I have a few pure oils. One of pure musk, ie from the belly of the dear. Cost an arm and a leg…. Lol. Literally worth a kidney but omg…. When I smell it, I think to myself, wow…. It is said the Prophet Muhammad’s scent would be smelt from miles away before people even came close to the city he was in. Dubai is very well acquainted with scents, over there synthetics like Chanel, as beautiful as they are, take a back seat.

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      3. Yes pure musk is very expensive but very worth it .. I never knew that narration , how beautiful. Yes, a local friend once told me she goes through 25 bottles of perfume a year ! Lol . A mix of western picks and private blends. They love their scents here and – like you said – know their scents .

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