Introversion – four


You wonder about my condition of solitude, your affection is
appreciated but don’t my dear. I never needed the
accompaniment of people for I decorated banquets and held
balls all inside my mind. I served kings and beggars at the
same table. They ate and drank hands in the same plate and
from the same goblet.
They danced in my hall and enchanted each other’s lives.
They debate fiercely but love tenderly.
They fight the enemies of serenity and solitude with tooth and
nail, invaders are not welcome.  So you see my dear, you can
never have me whole for that would mean I release my guests,
their conversations and intimacies. Then my mind would be
emptied and I truly will be alone. Have me part or depart.


I know, you struggle on your own. Try containing yourself. Try not releasing every emotion, every thought, every desire you feel. Try and keep sacred your fantasies. Let them play with each other like children in your mind, like lustful adolescents, like vengeful lovers. Let them be, create a hay field for them to fall softly when they wrestle. Nurture them, give them their respite. They deserve that respect. You deserve that intimacy. You deserve your mind. You will be lusted after more and the talk of the town. Mystery is what lures us all. Leave some unknown for the world.

With Love

Wes. E.

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