The hunter and the hunted



Don’t believe the hunter

He’s already killed the evidence.


This was inspired by an African Proverb which says

“Until the Lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter”

We have very real problems in our world where the victims are made out to be the perpetrators.

Obviously there are exceptions where the perpetrators are exactly who they are, but plenty of times, societal norms, stereotyping, media, politicians, religious leaders and more will all conveniently twist the truth to suit agendas.

The only thing one can do to circumvent such manipulations is through human interaction. It is by switching off the media and let it die a slow and painful death, much like turning off a life support machine.

If you want to live, truly live, be happy, love people and be loved you have to let go of artificial stimulation. You must disconnect from the fabricated and inorganic mediums of manipulation.

I hear women oft repeat how they want to be loved for who they are on the inside yet they try so hard to wear a mask of who they are on the outside. The media spurs this on ad naseum.  How can he know you if you hide behind a mask? Strip back your layers, whether it literally be excessive make up or facades of personality. Be you, unadulterated. So what if the guy you desire doesn’t like you, is he really then the guy of your desire? I guarantee you the guy who likes you bare will be the one who will make you happy.

I see men, confused, unable to express their emotions, because it’s not the image they’re taught to express. They don’t know how to compliment a woman without making her feel like an object. They don’t know how to make her blush with bashfulness just with kindness and well intended gestures because the music and media they are raised with pushes a false bravado of Alpha on to them when in reality they whimper at the shadows of their soul, at their ego commanding wretched desires, anger, hate, envy, showing off, excessive misplaced lust and lack of chivalry and honour to name a few. All this precipitates into a cowardice that manifests fast in the thick of battle of their egotistical affairs or worldly matters or more importantly, their inner world which they fail to recognise they have.

Make no mistake,  you’d be doing yourself a grand favour by disconnecting, by never listening to media. By never cheerleading fear mongerers and learning how to shut down bigots and haters.

It’s your mind, your soul, your life, your choice…….. yes you do have a choice!

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