Mind your business!

mind your business

If you have no business,
you will busy yourself minding
everyone else’s business.


This just occurred to me now. The mantra has been repeated before in similar words or meaning to that effect, mostly referring to actual business models but the reason why this just occurred to me was I happened to be minding my own business, just starting the day with a long list of things to do.

I was relatively happy in mood and energetic in nature and in walks a miserable person, the light of day having no bearing on their well being, being above ground no weight on the way they carry themselves, being able to breathe another morning full of early mist not reflective enough to lighten their mood. They were happy to be miserable, literally.

As they walked into the room, they carried with them a foul odour of mood, apparent on their face and without any hesitation, on came the onslaught of foul words and bad character. Like they were walikng the devil on a leash and they dragged him into the room with them.

I couldn’t fathom it. Here I am minding my business, busy doing what I am doing and I’m greeted by this. What did I do to deserve this?

Naturally my ego rose and the only time I let it rise is if someone else is blatantly in the wrong, or someone else is being harmed and I let it rise unrestrained because this was outrageous and needed to be stopped. I am no ones doormat so I told this person in very polite terms to go fuck themselves and get out of the room. Realising the seriousness in my tone and probably the staunchness in my stature, they wisely removed themselves from the room.

I guess, if you have nothing to keep your mind occupied, you have no business of your own to attend to, you will butt yourself into the affairs of others. You’re not stealth enough nor articulate enough to do that. Doing something like that requires tact and skill, meddling into other peoples affairs or deliberately trying to stir a response by agitation is straight up devils work. I feel dirty for even engaging and my mind is just haywire right now.
Way to start a Monday!

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