The Elixir – 2. Thoughtless Wit

elixir series 2




I’ve mentioned earlier in another post what I think about wit used incorrectly.
Using your wit for negative reasons is a lowly act and shows one has no intelligence at all, despite what they might conjure wit to be, the two are not the same.
Intelligence shows a higher order of thinking and ability that refines a person and makes them not only eloquent, but appealing amongst other things.

To be witty for the sake of adulation or using it to hurt other people shows the incapacity to think. Thinking is a higher order process reserved for the patient and resolute of mind, it’s not a passing mantra, nor a hashtag tribute. It requires a foundational basis of knowledge that one can use to extrapolate wisdom and arrive at conclusions and solutions for their lives.

Be careful how you use wit, don’t be thoughtless with it.

2 thoughts on “The Elixir – 2. Thoughtless Wit”

    1. It’s so delicate, it saddens me to see people use it to hurt others. If one is gifted with wit, strength, grit, tenacity, courage, love or any other skill or attribute, then they have a burdening responsibility to serve humankind to benefit.


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