Rockstars in my house



When the fervour of youth wanes

All that is left is humility and pain

When beauty is lost and faces grow wrinkled

I want to be able to live with your brain

When your vigour for lust has all but died

I still want to be able to dwell inside

Labyrinth your soul and ravish your mind

That way it won’t matter if we’re also blind

When sinews grow hard and skin is no longer supple

The meaning will manifest of us being a couple

When we can dwell within and find tranquillity

We wont be longing for that youthful ability

So why do we squander all this youthful zeal

Enjoy our minds much younger, sex appeal that’s real


There’s only so much physical beauty your eyes can take before they are satiated.

Attracted as you may be to certain flows of hair, colour of eyes, tone of skin, shape of body, unless you’re a numb brick of a person, you’re going to want someone that can appeal to your mind and or soothe your soul.
But what if you’re like the majority of people these days, squandering their youth in neglect, chasing after the outer life, in neglect of the inner? What if the superfluous is what has got you occupied and have done this for so long that you no longer even recognise you have an inner life to nurture? There’s the dilemma right there as all the counselling in the world won’t help you comprehend if you just don’t know and have never been acquainted with your heart, mind or soul.

A very basic neuroscience principle that applies here – and we know it in laymen terms as ‘Use it or lose it’ – applies. You have a period in which your mind can develop neural pathways to better create connections in brain body and now as we know, even heart centres that will make you who you are. If you neglect some, you pretty much lose your ability to have those connections later in life without serious and struggling effort.

The other area of neuroscience now focussing on this topic is neuro-plasticity. It’s fascinating to say the least and the doctors are showing that long into old age, brain centres can rewire and take over the role of other areas of the brain that were formally responsible for tasks or thought. This happens through constant repetition and the brain can take new routes, alas, it takes a lot of effort and it’s not as simple as just plugging a cord into a different socket if one socket doesn’t work.

The point is, do as much as you can that is healthy for your mind, heart and soul now, whilst you have the chance. Do as much as you can when you are young and have energy and zeal to boot.
Some will take this to the extreme and indulge in harmful activities, if you want to miss the point, sorry, I can’t help you aim straight as you piss all over the bowl of your life. Hey, it’s your life.

My children are rewarded for intelligence and are taught that this along with other inner qualities are the measure of a human to strive for. I couldn’t give two fucks about what’s-her-name’s new dress and how she showed up at the grammys. Heck, it’s been over fifteen years since I sat at a T.V. to watch a program. Intelligence, soul, character, wit, charm, empathy, kindness, love, caring, helpfulness, chivalry, honour, honesty, bravery, courage, relentlessness and more, they’re the rockstars in my household. Funny enough, I have five children and not one of them knows the words to any pop song. Don’t get me wrong, they’re into the arts and music and I have never forbade or stopped them from watching pop media, but they’re just not into it because we talk of higher ideals in this household.

It’s my job to prepare them to be outstanding and exemplar spouses and partners in their older ages. It’s my job to ensure they function from within and will be self healing, self correcting and self managing humans able to run households and share lives with their partners and their own families as well as function amongst others in society at a much higher standard than the norm.


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