Fisherman of luck



I’m just a fisherman of words
When luck be my might
A word will bite
When the waves crash with vengeance
I’ll pull in a sentence
When the sea roars, masts are frail
I’ll reel in a whale.


I have a confession to make.

It’s just all luck of the bite.

Your job is to throw out the bait, that can never stop if you wish to have a meal.

The rest is up to the sea. If she feels merciful, she will grant you a taste.

When there is an abundance, she will let you feast.

I don’t own a thing.

Some of my catches have been releases of far better men and women before me who don’t need to devour their catch.

The experience is enough for them.

10 thoughts on “Fisherman of luck”

    1. Hey, just being honest. Everything I write is usually done in five to thirty minutes max. Five for short pieces. Thirty for longer ones. I don’t think about it. Thinking about it too long for me destroys it’s purity. If it doesn’t tug at the line, I’ll pull the line back in and throw it out again later.

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