Nightwriter – 22

nightwrighter series 22


Today she woke me a violent waking.

She was displeased with me. I pretend to not know that she’s displeased, I’m trying to live by maxims I regurgitate to people.

So I didn’t want to be anything but kind with her, despite her displeasure with me, my skin has taken a beating for a very long time in the most literal sense, one more wont hurt.

I know fire hardens iron and steel, so I’ll let her bellows be, until my skin is glowing golden and she’s bemused by her reflection.


I’m at that stage in my life where I can let punches roll off my shoulders, slip punches, duck and weave and use slight footwork manoeuvres to just get out of harms way. Before I’d meet you with a resilient opposition, I’d be the crazier one without a cap to my crazy. My will would defeat yours without fail, every time. Turn up the heat, that’s ok, just like diesel, I get better the hotter I run.
But nowadays, those small defensive movements are enough to wear you out as you swing and miss. I’m not a target so you can’t hit me.

Your arms will eventually tire

your breath expire

and you’ll blow out your fire

then you can have me whole

Once you retire.

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