Fence sitter


One foot in and one foot out,

Beating around the bush,

Sitting on a fence is all

cowardice worthy of impalement


It’s daunting, I know. For some people with legitimate conditions it’s mortifying.

Fear, is consuming for many people. What removes fear?

I’m not pretending to know everyone’s situation. My own personal experiences have been that knowledge above all is the remover of fear. Knowledge of and in yourself. Knowledge of your inner workings, knowledge of humankind, knowledge of the earth you live on, knowledge of your Maker, knowledge of fighting arts, knowledge of arts in general, knowledge of language, knowledge of the very edge of your temperament before you turn into a savage and so much more.

With all that knowledge you build a solid foundation of conviction and abilities and can approach problems with clarity, focus and determination.

Some people are too lazy to put forth the effort needed for one or all of these types of knowledge and they remain in their state, looking for a pill that will assist, a diagnosis that will comfort, a group or circle of people that will comfort and that’s fine if you wish to function that way, but some of us want to draw the elixir of life out from its roots, from its nucleus and keep it in a vial around our  necks.

We won’t settle for mediocre, we want the extremes. We want to be armed all the time, dancing the Muhammad Ali shuffle around our foes, our woes, and always on our toes.

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