What kind of lover are you?


Lovers are of two kinds.

Ones that wait for the hour in the most literal sense.

They wait at the prayer niche for the prescribed five
They wait until the early hour so they can beg Him live
They wait for the final day when nothing will survive
Calculated as they may be, they will arrive

The other kind of lover waits for nothing

Every minute, of every hour their hearts sing
Perpetually in worship waiting no bell to ring
The whole night is the hour, always adoring
Lost in His love ever more, vanishing



My posts are inspired by greats and one of my favourite women in the entire world is Rabia Al Adawiya or otherwise known as Rabia Al Basriya (she was from Basr) .

She lived a celibate life in total devotion to God but was the adoration of all men, scholars and poets.

Her prose, her anecdotes and her scholarly prowess was unrivalled at the time.  Here is one of her quotes below.

I can’t even imagine getting  close to her purity.

‘Oh Lord if I worship You from fear of hellfire, then throw me into it. If I worship You from love of Paradise, then banish me from it. But if I worship You for Your sake alone then do not deny me your presence.’ – Rabia Al Adawiya, noble Muslim mystic.

People who worship God usually worship Him for an ulterior motive, a selfish motive, want of reward or fear from consequence, some maybe out of guilt even.

The highest and most noble station would therefore be for none of these reasons but to be completely and utterly vanquished from selfhood and be in complete realisation in Him alone, seeing Him alone, loving Him alone, effacement of self and with that effacement, comes lack of any desire. Only He remains and everything is for Him alone.


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