Healing with Love.


There in the court room stood Healing.
It awaited the testimony of all the accused before it came to its final verdict.

“Step forth Laughter, tell us your story.”

Laughter said, “I can return the smile to a face troubled by woes, to a heart consumed by fear to a soul wretched with sorrows.”

“You have spoken the truth”, said Healing.

“Step forth Mind, tell us your story.”

“I can spur to conjure past moments of joy and let them be relived, I can create a false reality to ease the pain, I can efface the memory of all burdens”

“You have spoken the truth”, said Healing.

Love stood up and began walking out of the court room.

“Where are you going?” screamed Healing in a halting tone.

“Must I testify, must I really?”

“Yes, you must”, replied Healing.

So Love took out its double edged sword. The blades beauty caught the gaze of all that stood on trial, entranced, they stared and the glimmer hypnotised them all. The room fell dead silent and remained in a trance.

“As you can see, I capture every souls attention, I fixate them, make them focus on me to the oblivion of all else. When I am present everything stands still, even the wetting of air with breath is meaningless, lungs care not. The attention to my beauty makes them disregard their surroundings.
It is as if Laughter and Mind did not even speak, look at them, they too stare at me.”

Love’s sword moved and began slaying the whole room full of other accused. Blood stained the walls and ceilings. The floor grew ankle deep in it until it woke Healing up to the reality of what just occurred.

“Who exists but me and you?” asked Love.

Healing couldn’t speak, only be taken by what had just occurred.

Then Love turned over the sword and began reversing its actions. The room came back to life with the chatter of bemusement, of excitement of submission to the truth.

Love continued, “From the depths of death with which I slayed them all, I can also revive them at will with a fell swoop. Do you need to see more?”

No sooner had Love finished speaking that all the accused impaled themselves on Loves sword and Healing followed suit.


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