I love this. Can’t add to it in fear of soiling it. Perfect.

Kashif Sajjad

Inshallah. Aka God willing. If Allah wills.
Upon hearing this divine statement the cheeks of the skies themselves would blush from shyness. He has whispered a word so profound, surpassing our heights it has flown to our highness. Whatever endeavour I take upon my shoulders, whatever desires I have are pending on God’s consent and approval. But is it if God wills? or is it God please will?
Forgive me, but I must be honest. Perhaps the most insincere promises are accompanied by the condition of God’s ratification. Now a graceless bird fluttering in the wind, in pursuit of finding it’s right as a once noble statement.
Now disengaged from the skies above, the word spills on to the ground from blackened lips with such severe intensities. What once echoed a man’s strength and virtue, now a dressing applied to cover intended lies and hide hollow sincerities. It aches to…

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