Death is a wedding night

‘Death is the wedding night of the marriage with eternity’: Bab ‘Aziz the movie

I have not watched a more eloquent, poetic, spiritual and inspiring movie.
The writer of this movie is one special mind and rich soul. Do yourself a favour, watch it and tell me what you think about it.
It’s freely available on Youtube with subtitles.

5 thoughts on “Death is a wedding night”

    1. When watching it, if you’re familiar with many of the stories of the awliya of Allah, you can’t help but think that the writer too has been told and or read many stories too. It’s the subtleties that make it amazing.

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      1. The subtleties are amazing. It’s fun to break down the film. And there are so many subtle references I don’t understand that many others do. Regarding the awliya, I would venture to say that he is knowledgeable being the intellectual that he is. I love that Nacer Khemir’s beautiful films, poetry really, are an answer to the West’s ugly and inaccurate depiction of Islam post 9-11. Khemir brings us back to the beauty of Islam and its humanity, its truth. And as he reminds us many times, there are as many paths to God as there are souls on earth. Have you seen his other film (they’re all brilliant), The Dove’s Lost Necklace?


      2. Perfect way to put it. I always tell my non Muslim friends the same, they only see the rigid dry representations on TV, Tasawuf shows so much more. Tried to find a decent copy of it. Will keep looking

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